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How old are the two teen boys in the naked brothers band?
They look so young for their age! Wow they look like ten years old!
Uh, I don't have my calculator, ey. I don't even know what they look like.
How do teen boys sleep at night?
It it normal for teen boys to want to sleep almost naked. I slept in pjs most of my life and i have tried to sleep in my boxers and i like it. I can't do it all the time because a am afraid of some one catuching me. I would even like to sleep naked but i am being afraid of being cought. What should i do. How do other teen boys sleep? Do most sleep naked or in boxers or in cloths.
All of the above. What's wrong with sleeping naked if you're more comfortable that way? If you're a teenager, you're entitled to your privacy and NO ONE should be walking in on you. It's not a "sin" to sleep naked, so there's no need to worry about being "caught" as though you were doing something wrong. If your family won't respect your privacy, get a latch for your bedroom door, even it it's just a hook-and-eye.
I want to see other boys my age naked?
I am not gay, I am straight, but lately I've wanted to see other boys my age naked. I am in my mid teens. What should I do?
When your young, and especially when in your teenage years, it's really hard to know whether you are actually straight or gay, or what you will be when you are older. Don't think you have to be straight, or have to be gay. Experiment and see how you feel, just don't do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Don't forget: you probably have friends that feel similar, but just don't show it, so your not alone.

Hope this helps.
Why are teen boys/girls just so interested in sex?
Why are they and why are they always teen boys and girls always stripping, flashing and getting naked. It's like disgusting and to young, but why?
What is so good and why if not marryed yet?
You really have to blame this on TV. Just on regular TV they show sex on every channel and my god! cable forget about it! Everything is about sex.
How much beneft would it be for teen boys to see the late night TV show porn week or similar.?
Before you go bonkers the point is this is a reality show set up around a consept where some holiday makers are booked to have a weeks vacation on the set of a LEGAL porn shoot for the european market.

Sort of like you having a holiday on a music video shoot.

Sure on the first day its wow naked people and they are having sex ... by the end of the week more like oh so in so and so in so just doing a whatever shoot outside seen one seen all.

Ie novelty wears off when fnatasy and reality meet.

What Ive seen is all those on the shoots are far better and nicer people then on regualr bitchy reality TV

They are all pretty normal if flirty humans with feelings, persoanlities, jokey, cheeky, etc.

Just their job involves having sex .

But the other thing is views get a reality check that peopel in reality dont have sex like in porn shoots when with their partners the stars say they are more cuddling and hold each other close but in video the positions are there so the lighting can be right and the director, camera, clapper person and sound etc can all get the right view.

Thus the show humanises the stars and is fun, and the viewers ie teenage boys shuold have a greater appreciation on who makes the erotic material and if met the stars would see them like anyone else.

Plus teen girls realising nobody does that either.

The teen boys not makin unrealisitc exections on what htey want girlfriends to do etc

The link leads to the are you 18 or over page... its up to you if you go further as the show is explained
If the website is 18+, then obviously the show is. If I was a parent, I wouldn't let my son watch this if he was under the age group it's intended for, I'd be a good parent and make sure he knows how to treat a woman correctly in the first place!
It's up to your parents if they want you to watch this or not.
Mens locker room?? is it normal for teen boys?
is it normal for me to get erections in the locker room?? i usually do, when a naked guy is walking around. then i go home and think about them when i beat off
it is very normal
Why are some teen girls sooo boy crazy and worship boys...?
For example, they treat a guy who has sk8er boy hair like Justin Bieber like his a God
and they fall over any guy who has a accent
They fight over a guy who is playing her

Guys aren't this bad unless the girls naked.

Why do girls do this a lot? No wonder why guys have big egos
Do teen boys really WANT sex...?
or do they just think about it alot
alot of the boys i go to school with are like dogs in heat!
but it still feels akward for me to be seen naked in front of someone
most boys want sex, yes.;_ylt=AuKObvnlvRzGqDXNjLjGGObsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080708235458AA2iYLZ
Help from teen boys please! How can I show a boy I like him?
Im 14 hes 15...Okay so there's this boy in my school that I like but I can't tell if he likes me back. Were both freshman and I met him in august in sOccer tryouts, we both made it :). Okay so we don't really talk that often on aim or txt but we see eachother alot but also I'm sorta shy, in the hallway he'll smile at me and I'll smil back nd just keep on walking, once in a while I get the courage to actually start a conversation. I'm sorta shy. I was also on the basketball team and hE would come tO some games I would smile and say hi but barely talk, he would ask me why I'm so quiet but I would just say he's quiet too. Also onetime after school we were hangin out In the auditorium, he asked to see my Phone and he was looking though my pictures and me and this guy I "used" to like had been sending Pics to eachother, just incase your wondering it wasn't naked pics, anyways he asked if that was my bf and I said no, he asked if I liked him and I said no, he asked if he liked me and I said yes. He said Ohh.. And kept looking at my pics, I take a lot of pics of myself, and he said "someOne thinks their cute" ( joking arOund), and I just laughed. Also he's on a league soccer team, and th girls team was looking for a goalie ( I'm a goalie) and he asked me if I wanted tO be on a team and talked to the coach for me. I went and tried out and made it :). At practice I always look at him and I feel like he never notices me. He always tells me I'm really good at it, alot of guys do, and alot of soccer boys like me because Of that. Also I not gorgeous but I'm not ugly, alot of boys have rate me a 7or8 out 10. Do you think he likes me? Also guys what do you like or notice in a Girl? How can I show him I like him without it being really akward?
just directly tell on his face..boys loves that....
Should I stop my guys from walking around the house naked after a neighbor complained?
my guys ages 11,7,7,5 and 2 walk around the house in only undies or in the cause of my youngest naked sometimes. I never had a problem with it until a neighbor who lives behind us said we need to buy curtains (we have a huge back yard with trees in the back so I never saw a need for curtains in the back) because her, and her husband are distracted by it as well as their teen son. The only way you can see them is if the woman stands on her balcony so I don't know how it can be a distraction. Also the window is a 2 story window and a curtain will cost to much and no light will come into the back on the house.. She complained once in the summer because my 7 year old girls were swimming naked and her teen boys were watching. We planted hedges but still she complains
Tell her nicely to mind her own business. If she has such a huge problem with it say "well Cindy if you have such a huge problem with it you can purchase me some curtains." Let your guyren be free. If you have a pool and you let your 7 year old girls swim naked then that is your business.. You pay the house note NOT your rude neighbor. I wouldn't worry about it. I would let my guyren walk around in their undies and swim naked all day long. It's YOUR house, your rules.

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