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All Comments

What do you think about this comment from a female regarding mens use of sex toys..?
"Nothing wrong with men using sex toys, .Someone who doesn't do well with people is much better off with a rubber vagina."

my thoughts....

on one had this female on the face says there is othing worng with men usig sex toys but this is because she knows women also use sex toys widely so if she says that men using sex toys is wrong, she would come off as having double standards.

however she makes it clear that she thinks me who use sex toys are creeps and losers who probably cant get a real woman when she says "someone who doesnt do well with people is better off with a rubber vagina"

unfortunately most women who purport to be ope minded and liberal still have a deep seated contempt for male use of sex toys.. they think men who do it are losers but they dot admit it.
Yes, there are more double standards against men than against women...after 1/2 a century of one-sided propaganda, what can u expect? Fact is, women are weak because they refuse to admit systematic discrimination against men and truly accept responsibility...easier to play victim and reap benefits.
Women and Mens sex lives?
Well I don't get it how women see men as cheating when they look at porn.
And them same women use sex toys.
I mean sex toys are closer to cheating because they are a physical object that simulates the male genitalia.

But all men are doing is looking at pixels on a screen how is that worse.

Ask yourself this would you be more disgusted seeing your husband look at porn or use a Fleshlight (fake vagina). Exactly.

NOTE I know not all women use sex toys but a large percentage must because the sex toy industry is very successful and is mostly aimed at women.
What an interesting question. I think both sexes have a right to choose how they become sexually satisfied, especially in the privacy of their own homes. I believe in equal rights and freedom for both since I'm open-minded in a sexual way. I don't see either when used as a threat to my manhood. Each relationship has to deal with issues like this in a way that would satisfy both, and there are dozens of ways to compromise on this. Some women like to watch porn with their men, and some men actually like to use toys on their women and on themselves. I don't see a conflict unless both leads to one loving the superficial over what is real and human. It all depends. I say let men and women do it without fear and just have fun for what feels good.
Im a 28 year old male who likes to wear mens g-strings, and i like anal penatration, good or bad?
I havent had anything other than a finger or two. but now i want my wife to put her sex toy in me. is something wrong or is my pleasure ok? Im not gay either
Really? P&P :-)
Does pornography objectify Asian women?
I'll admit to watching pornography, to me its no all bad and honestly pretty fun to watch. But I hate and can not watch Asian pornography, I think its mysogynistic, racist, and has a real life effect on how men treat Asian women. If you want to see how racist these movies are just look at the titles lke "fortune cookie nooki", "slant eyes for the straight guys", "White meat Asian treat", "gooks of Hazard", "White d1cks Asian chicks", and so on. Just from looking at some of these names how can you doubt that these movies are racist. And if you seen some of these movies you'll also notice lots of these Asian women play massuases, China Dolls, Chinese food delivery women, and other sterotypical roles. Basically in these movies they play shy docile role where they have sex with men whenever the want it, I mean although it is a movie when men watch a guy just grab a Asian girl off the street and have sex with them or see 3 or 4 men surround surrounding a ver young looking Asian girl and just have their way with her. These movies show Asian women as nothing more then sex toys for mens pleasure.

That brings me to another question, why are all the men having sex with Asian women in these movies black, Latin, and especially white?
You ever f*ck an Asian broad? They love this sh!t!!!!
They love being dominated, it's in their nature to be submissive. I'm not saying that they aren't strong, on the contrary they wield a lot of power in the kitchen and in the Joy Luck Club... Yeah the titles can be a bit racist, but if you watch Asian on Asian porn, you'll notice that the Asian men treat the broads a lot worse than the Gwailos (white devils). Bag yourself an Asian broad, she'll f*ck your brains out, unless she's a cold fish, in which case you can act out all your perverse fantasies as she lies there in terror/sopping wet oozing sexiness/fear...
Women : when do you plan to develop the ability of not frowning upon the sexual choices of the opposite sex?
women have a problem with porn, strip-clubs, escort girls, and toys/dolls for men.

let me make this clear, most men absolutely dont give a fcuk if you ride you sybians, swallow 10 inch dildos, or massage your genitalia with electric vibrators. we have kept our mouths shut when you devoured those fantasy romance novels depicting ungettable meditareanean men borderline raping women who came across them and we absolutely have no plans to write a BLOG about how Twilight is fcuking up young womens expectations of men.

no body is stopping you from going to strip clubs and gigolos, heck women are increasingly doing that !

for ***** sake...stop this hysteria. the internet is flooded with feminist, womanist blogs and sites that do nothing but whine endlessly about mens sexuality, sexual choices. calling them pigs, chauvinists, misogynists and what not.

stop this garbage please. do some introspection. and yes, this is not an individuals problem...this wont stop by just telling me "go ahead, loser.....i dont care what men like you want to do". interesting how you would claim to have 'no problems' with it while call me a loser at the same fcuking time.

Well, maybe you should do those things (e.g. write a blog about how Twilight is messing up expectations.) It's up to all of us to both introspect about ourselves and help others in their own introspection. I think that people having unrealistic expectations of their partner is one of the leading causes of divorce these days. Men have unrealistic expectations about sex from porn (What, you mean she doesn't actually LIKE that? But they all do in the pornos? I'm confused!) Women have unrealistic expectations of men from romance novels. So if you think people have unrealistic expectations, why not point it out? It could be helpful!

So, please, start that blog! I think there are plenty of twilight-trashing blogs out there already, so it'd be just one of many. If you want to start an anti-sex-toy movement, please do! You are under NO requirement to keep your mouth shut if you have a problem with something, nor is anyone else. You (and men in general) don't have to keep your mouth shut. Women don't have to keep their mouths shut. And if you do choose to keep your mouth shut on things, that does not obligate other people to. Why would it?

PS I already have my "ungettable Mediterranean man." I didn't realize that romance novels (apparently) all star my husband until you mentioned it just now. Now that I know that, I understand their appeal a little more. :)
PPS I actually don't have a problem with you looking at porn or even someone I'm dating looking at porn, as long as it's reasonably respectful. I hate the ones that imply that the woman must be stupid to be having sex, though.
Do you think the POLITICALLY CORRECT judge mens sexuality harsher than womens, in the modern society?
men are criticized when they do things like
.going to strip clubs
.watching porn, GGW
.ordering call girls
.engaging in casual sex, commitment averse behavior with women. etc
.using sex toys (blow up dolls)

in the modern society, when women do these things, they are often glorified and seen as LIBERATING. but when men do it they face allegations of MISOGYNY, objectification of women, hurting women etc, they are called PERVERTS etc.

do you see the reversal of double standard ATLEAST AMONG CERTAIN TYPE OF PEOPLE (specially feminists)

what is the reason for this double standard among certain people
This is because people watch too much sex and the city and not enough of sexual and gender history.

I myself find it hard when the media force people to play games rather than be frank in relationships. We even find it acceptable if a woman slaps a man if he's cheating on her, but when a woman does it, we get riled up if a guy touches her in anger at all.
My boyfriend is acting really weird during sex, and I don't know what to do?
I've asked this in the Mens health area and boys have given me their opinions of it, but I need to know what women think of this situation so I am asking in Womens Health, after all, it is pretty much about my health, lol...

Ok, so here is the deal... I am a 17 year old girl, I consider myself to be pretty, (as does everyone else, lol) and my slightly younger boyfriend usually worships me, lol... Normally, my boyfriend is the sweetest and gentlest thing to me, rarely even touching me with the force of a fly he's so gentile, and he always said 'ow' whenever I would try to play-fight with him, punching his shoulder and stuff... Which I used to think that just hurting him too much would make him cry or something, lol... But recently, he and I have been more intimate. We slept together a few times, out of the home in a motel, and we made love, but it is like he changes when he sleeps with me. The first time, he was really gentile with me for the first couple of minutes, but every second afterward, it was like he changed into a monster, he hurt me and I screamed, don't get me wrong I liked it ok... but... Its just he went from a gentile boy to a sadistic prick just when the clothes came off? Is there something he is holding against me? He just really hurts me, he thrusts really hard and his grip like squeezes my arms so hard that I have bruises where his hands were in the morning. He just treats me like a sex toy when we sleep together, but he is super-kind and doesn't seem anywhere near being capable of something like it. I don't understand, is it just something he finds pleasurable or does he have a grudge against me, because there are things I have done in secret early in my relationship with him that he would be absolutely pissed with me about and I always feared letting him know. I don't have a problem with him being so rough, I mean by the third time I was pretty much starting to *like* it in a way, but... Why does he do it?

He is always exhausted when he finishes and he praises me whenever we are like, done. I haven't thought about talking to him, I am just really afraid that it's going to get worse because each time he's done something more painful (First time just really rough, second time he bruised my arms, third time he pulled my legs so far apart I yelped but it was like he didn't even notice).

Do you think its sadism?
Tell him that he is hurting you. Guys like to know if they are good in bed and what kinds of things his woman likes in bed. He wouldn't want to intentionally hurt you, so you need to talk to him and tell him what you like and what you don't like.

I couldn't tell you why he has such an attitude change, but it doesn't sound like something you should worry a whole lot about unless he continues to hurt you after talking with him.
Is there anywhere i can get this harness other than online?

a leather store?
Pretty much all of the leather pics you've posted can be gotten from a leather store.
My boyfriend doesn't have sex with me as much as normal, does anybody had a solution?
My boyfriend only have sex with me once a day, this is awful 'cause sometimes i feel like if he's accomplish an obligation, a duty. I love him, and i know that he loves me to, he's no cheating on me, he haven't change, he's always been like that since we started dating, we have been together for 13 months, and sometimes i feel like he's just lazy or that i'm a little nympho, but he's awesome in bed and i would like to be with him many times. I'm not ugly at all, so i simply don't understand how it is possible a guy who doesn't want to have sex all time, i can't realize that, all the mens that i had it was always about sex. I have tried everything the whole kamasutra, crazy ideas like toys, sexy lingerie, sex coupons, but nothing realy works. Please share your opinions.
Honestly, despite all the stereo types not all of us guys are pigs, lol, It sounds like he really cares about you alot, and maybe thats why, maybe he doesn't want you to think that he wants you around for just that, he may just want to spend time with you, I myself would rather spend the night talking and laughing too, it's fun.
Guy's what are your reviews on the FLESHLIGHT?
Im thinking of buying one but wanted to know the opinions on it. Girls who have nothing nice to say please refrain from using the Mens Health section, as if most of u girls dont like sex toys!! yeah right. Us Guys like 'em too.
Hey there - not a guy, but i can speak from the experience of my verrrry grateful boyfriend. I bought him the Head Honcho Male Stimulator as a fun gift, and he relies on it every time I'm not available ;) It's similar to the Fleshlight, but much more affordable and fun (he likes that it's clear) It's also silicone, which is a safer material than some (yeah, we like our sex toys!) I hope you find something you'll love!

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