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How would I find out if a photographer is using my pictures on fetish sights?
My friend and I have been working with this photographer for the past couple months. We think that he might be using our pictures for other things (i.e. foot fetish sights). He isnt straight forward about having a foot fetish, but after reviewing his pictures, he clearly does . I feel that he is using them to gain profit. Is there anyway that I can find out?
Say to him, have you been using my photos to gain profit, and if he goes all red and gets embarrsed, then hes probly has.

If he admits to it, say to him "Ill still work with you but if i find out you do it again, ill sue you."

Then he wont do it again because he'd be scared of getting fined, or he'd feel really guilty for what hes done!

I hope I helped :)

Why don't they have fetish venues(pictures, films) for female athlete's feet?
Out of all the fetishes out there, this is one specific custom-tailored fetish. Just picture it, the unrelenting itching, scratching, and stench-which all have the elements of pleasure, arousal, and pheramones. Though I know there is nothing weird out there that less than a 1000 people haven't already tolerated and embraced.
If i have my fetish pictures and movies but only me without anyone can someone do trouble for me if he seethat
i meen if someone steal my pictures and movies and he keep in computer its a crime? and if this person do for me case in court i will be in trouble? pictures and movies included me and womans underwear. Thanks for answer will be very helpfull, i don't now what to do.
No, if someone was to see your pictures they couldn't take you to court or anything, as long as you aren't doing anything illegal (paedophilia etc.).
I feel that my photographer is using my pictures on fetish sights!?
Is there anyway I can find out if he is using my pictures for purposes of personal gain? I really need to get to the bottom of this...
Since he has no release from you, by law he can only display them in a brick and mortar studio and not on the outside of the building. First you have to verify that he is in fact using them. Why not ask? When asking, let your feelings be known that you do NOT want them used that way and if you find out he is, you will sue. Hopefully, he'll back off there.
Is it normal for a boyfriend to keep pictures of women doing his fetish?
His fetish is speedos and he has pics of a lot of women doing poses. I wear a a speedo for him and o. Don't see why he's still looking at them.
My experience is that most guys have some pictures. I believe it is just fantasy, and don't get too worried about it, however if the guy was stuck on the internet trolling for porn, then I would be upset and worried.
Anime Fetish Pictures
Does anyone know where I can find any fetish pictures of anime? Such as foot fetish, or ballbusting, or something of that nature?
I have one word for you, sir: Google
I was wondering if anyone knew where i could send pictures of my feet for those fabulous fetish lovers!?
i am looking online, i just want to help people achieve what they desire, and posisbly get a kick back in return. i just don't know how to get a hold of the people that might be interested!
Okay what the hell, I have a foot fetish and even I think this sounds creepy, search on google or something.
Boyfriend has a woman fetish and takes pictures with his camera?
On our vacation we went to a clothing optional beach (our first time at one). He had binoculars with a camera built in. When we got back to the ship to download pictures to our friends and I went through his pictures to pick pictures from our vacation and he had taken several pictures of one girl (fully clothed with a bikini on) on the beach and walking around. There were others of women in the surf clothed and some not clothed (topless). As I was going through the pictures he kept talking faster and saying he just takes random pictures. He has taken pictures of me on an intimate level. I am starting to think he does have a fetish and I was wondering if this is harmless or if it could lead to something on a more serious level. He is oversexed and loves looking at women. Although I know he would never cheat on me he seems to get his thrills from the camera. I don't understand fetishes so I wanted some clarification.
That is not a fetish. A fetish is something that he can not function sexually without. He may have a sex addiction or obsession, which is concerning. If he is sexually addicted or compulsive, then that is a serious matter that needs to be treated. Sex Anonymous is a treatment, as is therapy. He may not be cheating now (although I doubt it), it may be the next step in his behavior, so its worth getting treated.
Where can I get paid to send in pictures of my feet for foot fetishes?
I know people have foot fetishes, and is there any place I get send in pictures of my feet for this purpose?
I don't think people would pay as you can see pictures of girls feet all over the internet like a lot of girls are barefoot on there facebook pictures and stuff. If you really wanted to though say what you're offering on like foot fetish sites and things and I'm sure some man would send you some money through paypal or something to show you're feet on webcam or something. I don't reccomend doing it at all and make sure you get the money through paypal at all and if you're under 18 disregard anything I said.

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