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Were any females gives otk spankings while growing up?My girlfriend revealed she did, and I am shocked.......?
My girlfriend, who will soon be my wife, and I were discussing guyhood misdeeds and how we were punished. She revealed that while she had no tv, grounded, ect.. punishments, that the ultimate penalty for doing something really bad was a bare butt over her dad's lap spanking. She said he would use his hand only (no belt, or anything like that), and give her 35-40 hard slaps on her naked butt). She said that she only got 3 spankings like this her whole life, with the last being when she was 13 and got suspended from school for copying on a test. I think this is severe, but She holds no resentment, and thinks it was a great serious punishment, and that her and her brothers behaved better, because they knew this would be the consequence. I have never met a girl who was given severe punishment spankings. Any females here who were spankedlike this growing up, or any parents who spank their daughters like this? Do you think she was punished too harshly, I kinda think so, but maybe I'M wrong
I was never spanked like that.. especially not at 13! so I don't know.. I kinda agree with you.. I would not want my husband to spank my daughter like that.. one light smack on a clothed behind is okay in my eyes.. but not "pull down your pants and I'm gonna spank you 40 times"..
that's just my opinion though.. spanking is a controversial topic for sure.

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